Referer Pricing Extension

Version: 1.0.0 (Released FEB-06-2012)

Cost: $129


This extension is guaranteed to work with Magento Versions:

  • Community 1.5, 1.6, 1.7*, 1.8*, 1.9*
  • Enterprise 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12*, 1.13*, 1.14*
  • * See version update note below.

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The Referer Pricing extension creates the ability to specify different pricing for any referer (Google, Bing, Adwords, etc.). This allows you to target users with different pricing depending on how they accessed your Magento store.

This extension works directly off of the built-in Customer Groups and Tiered Pricing functionality. Just pass in 'rpt' query parameter and assign it to the Customer Group ID of the pricing tier you want to assign to the user. When accessing the site, a cookie will be stored on the visitors computer, assigning them to the appropriate Customer Group. If the visitor comes directly to the site (no 'rtp' query parameter), they will assume the default pricing assigned to your catalog items. It uses Magento's built-in cookie management, lifetime settings, domain settings, etc.

(Assigns Customer Group ID of 2 to the visitor's current session)

This extension can be very useful for testing pricing for certain demographics and visitors, without changing your base price for other visitors. If you use Google Analytics, you can then create checkout funnels for those referring sites and compare sales based on different pricing structures.

Important note to newer versions of Magento: This extension works on Magento CE 1.7+, and EE 1.12+, however, tier pricing must be used instead of the new group base pricing feature in these newer versions. There is an open ticket to update this module to use new group base pricing for these versions, however it is still being worked on.

By purchasing this extension you also have the ability to fully customize the underlying code to handle your specific business needs. Code is fully-documented and follows Magento's and Zend Framework's Coding Guidelines & Standards.

For licensing information please read the EULA.


"Referer Pricing is a brilliant and simple way to test pricing tiers to assess price elasticity, or to give different audiences different prices. Works flawlessly and simply as described." -Tim


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Hi Mark,

This module is exactly what I was looking for. A couple of questions:
1. Have you tried using it with 1.12.02, and if so was it functional/what would it take to make it functional?
2. A customer is assigned to a customer group through entering the domain with that rtp parameter appended to the url, is that customer then "forever" associated with that particular customer group? What happens when the cookie expires or is removed? You see where I´m going...

david ((at))

Hi David,

Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see this post until now (can email for much faster support). This extension does in fact work on 1.12+, but only with the same tier-pricing as in 1.11 and previous versions. I created a ticket to update this module to use the group base pricing features of 1.12+. The rtp cookie lasts until the session/cookie expires, then they are reset back to base pricing. This seems to be the most desired flow of functionality for this extension. You can, however, completely customize this to store forever if desired, as everything is open-sourced.