Import Shipping Tracking Extension

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Import Tracking

by Mage Inferno

Version: 1.4.0 (Released OCT-28-2012)

Cost: $79


This extension is guaranteed to work with Magento Versions:

  • Community 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
  • Enterprise 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14

Available for instant download after purchase!
Download link is sent in order confirmation email.

The Import Shipping Tracking Extension provides the ability to automate the import of shipping tracking information for orders. Fully-automated, you no longer have to manually enter shipping/tracking information but instead upload one or more CSV files to a specified directory and let Magento handle the rest! Very useful for batch shipment processing, adding multiple tracking numbers to shipments, and notifying customers of shipment status via email.

This module provides the ability to handle:

  • Batch shipment processing
  • Ability to control cron schedule from admin
  • Process multiple tracking numbers per order
  • Specify SKU-specific tracking information
  • Ship multiple SKU's of varying quantities in one shipment
  • Ship all items in an entire order without defining specific SKU's
  • Create multiple shipments per order
  • Send (or not send) shipment email notifications to customers
  • Process shipments automatically at defined times
  • Once order is invoiced and all items are shipped, order status automatically updates to Complete
  • New! Manually run shipment updates at System > Import/Export > Shipping Tracking
  • New! Zero-total orders will have invoices created automatically on import

Basic processing works by uploading one or more CSV files in the provided format to the var/import/shipping folder. Based on specified time intervals defined in the config.xml file, you can customize how often you want to process shipping tracking information (default 15 minutes). This is a very easy to use module with simple admin interface, just define the frequency of import, drop in the CSV, and be done!

By purchasing this extension you also have the ability to fully customize the underlying code to handle your specific business needs. Code is fully-documented and follows Magento's and Zend Framework's Coding Guidelines & Standards.

For licensing information please read the EULA.


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Sample CSV: 


When saving CSV files, ensure the following properties are defined:
Character set Unicode (UTF-8)
Field delimiter ,
Text delimiter "

This is what I read and typically when the language or region in wondows is set to US or Uk excel will save like this. When set to DE, NL or another european language ; is typically used instead of ,
It's very annoying to change the windows language setting again and even more annoying to export in excel using ,

You should be able to set this in your software or have customer select in the backend what delimiter they can use.

Is this something that can be changed.

About the extension is there an option to ad a website where customers can track the trackingcode or even press on the link.


Hi Bob,

UTF-8 is the standard csv format used with all Magento imports. Other formats could work but they are not supported.

I will look into adding a delimiter option in the future from an admin config area if you do not wish to use a comma. Thank you for the suggestion.

This extension uses Magento's built-in tracking functionality, which means customers can track shipments just as they would any other order, by a link after logging into their account or from the generated shipment confirmation email.

You may now use the sku_qty_shipped field in a few different ways. If you don't include the column on the import, all items for the order number are shipped. If you include it but do not put a value in that column for that order, again all items for that order number are shipped. If you define values, it takes on those values (and if you do not define a qty for a specific sku, it will ship all qty for that sku). The 1.2.0 update resolves a couple issues that may have not processed correctly under certain circumstances. Thank you for your feedback!!

1. Is it possible to see an example of csv file where an order has multiple shipments for 1 sku, hence multiple tracking number per order per sku with quantity indicated?

2. Can you also show an example of csv file where carrier_code = Custom Carrier?

Hi Pauline,

1. Sure, I updated the tracking.csv demo file on this page with this example. Order 10104 now has two shipments for that one order. Let's say Item 10103 on that order was ordered three times. The first import line will only ship one of those three quantities, while the second line would ship the other two. If all of the remaining quantitied items are to be shipped on the last line, you would not need the :2 on that line, which would designate to ship all remaining items of that sku for that order.

2. If there was a custom carrier, say "Widgets Inc", you can use any custom carrier code that you wish. For example "widgets".

Hope this helps!


Hi Mark,

So further to my question #1, so if order 10104 ship 1013:1 with UPS and ship the remaining with DHL for example, my imported csv should look like this?

"10104", "ups", "UPS", "1Z 999 999 99 9999 999 8", "17522,10103:1", "1"
"10104", "dhl", "DHL", "JD0001234567800012", "10103", "1"