Last Updated: 2017-05-28

Current Position

I'm currently a Senior Developer at Questex, and in the process of learning Laravel and Drupal 8. I'm very excited to be working with my team and with the Laravel Framework. Working from home as a fully-remote worker has also been great, and I can never see myself heading back into an office. I've moved on from service-oriented freelance work, focusing solely on product-oriented work in my down time.

I'm also still working on a mobile app service with my brother called Chanj FLOW. It's a mobile app for bars & nightclubs that allows them to complete liquor inventory in minutes. The app is built using Meteor, React, Cordova and Kubernetes. It's been an enjoyable experience learning new technologies and making a mobile app where others can appreciate innovation coupled with great design.

Oh yes, I'm also an instructor at My talks are pretty much revolving all around Docker.

Family Life

My beautiful wife Juliann and our twin girls Lily & Brielle are 3 years old. We enjoy visiting the zoo, Cedar Point and planning one-tank trips. Our move is finally complete, and we love our new home! It's been a lot of work so far, but we don't miss our condo at all.


I'm currently doing a lot of work around our new home. We've finished all of the major work, and are busy re-staining our deck and opening our pool. My computer work outside of the main job is mainly all for Chanj. I'm not working with the Magento anymore at this point, or any service-oriented work for that matter. I just picked up some math books to brush up on things I learned in high school.