Ms_AddressVerification CHANGELOG

1.0.0 (Released FEB-13-2012)
- Initial release

1.0.1 (Released FEB-24-2012)
- Add additional check for general USPS errors

1.0.2 (Released MAY-05-2012)
- Pre-saved addresses do not get validated by API

1.0.3 (Released MAY-07-2012)
- Pre-saved non-US addresses should not be verified

1.1.0 (Released JUL-19-2012)
- Allow bypass of address verification

1.2.0 (Released FEB-22-2013)
- Implement functionality into customer account address book entries

1.2.1 (Released MAR-31-2014)
- Javascript error "ReferenceError: Billing is not defined" on non-checkout pages
- Updated PDF documentation
- Updated USPS Test tool for easier setup with USPS API

1.3.0 (Released MAY-28-2014)
- Added capability to verify address from admin when manually creating order

1.3.1 (Released SEP-19-2014)
- Fixed issue when a zip + 4 extension isn't returned from USPS

1.4.0 (Released OCT-01-2015)
- Added Enterprise-specific functionality
- Show actual error responses from USPS, fixes a few edge-case scenarios

2.0.0 (Released OCT-18-2015)
- Complete refactor of code, updated for better readability & maintenance
- Added complete support or themes that use rwd as parent theme
- Extension can now easily be customized for other API's besides USPS

2.1.0 (Released OCT-19-2015)
- Added SmartStreets API functionality