Markshust_Imexshiptrack CHANGELOG

1.0.0 (Released AUG-31-2011)
- Initial release.

1.0.1 (Released SEP-12-2011)
- Fixed bug where 'var/import/shipping/executed' folder was not being automatically created.
- Fixed bug to allow blank sku_qty_shipped field to ship all items in the order.
- Refactored variable names to more closely abide to Zend Framework Coding Guidelines.

1.1.0 (Released SEP-26-2011)
- Moved extension codepool from local to community.
- Created base folders in filesystem instead of creating them with php code.
- Ability to define import folder in config.xml.
- Moved cron schedule from config.xml to admin interface.
- Refactored code to more strictly follow ZF conding conventions and for easier readability.

1.2.0 (Released DEC-13-2011)
- Rewrote entire sku_qty_shipped logic to better conform to different situations.
- Fixed bug where sku_qty_shipped column would not process under certain circumstances.
- Added the ability to process shipments with sku_qty_shipped undefined or blank.
- Fixed bug where files with extensions other than .csv (ex. .txt, .doc, etc.) would not process.
- Confirmed functionality of processing files with UPPERCASE, lowercase, and spaces within filenames and/or extensions.

1.3.0 (Released MAR-16-2012)
- Added ability to run import manually at System > Import/Export > Shipping Tracking > Import.
- Preventative fix: Fixed naming casing of cron php file.

1.4.0 (Released OCT-28-2012)
- Create invoice for zero total orders so order is marked as complete
- Convert admin text to use translate functions
- Create executed directory if it doesn't exist
- Remove unneeded/unused controller