Last Updated: 2018-01-18

Current Position

I just started a new positions as a Tech Lead at Jamersan, back into the Magento world! It's an exciting time to be back into Magento and to dig my tech chops back into this system.

I recently had an Egghead screencast course published titled Build a Twelve-Factor Node.js App With Docker. You can also check out all of my other screencasts.

Family Life

My beautiful wife Juliann and our twin girls Lily & Brielle are 3 years old. We enjoy visiting the zoo, Cedar Point and planning one-tank trips. We moved about a year ago, and are finally settled in our beautiful new home in North Royalton.


Out of nowhere, I developed a strong interest in cryptocurrencies. I absolutely believe this is the future of money and there a dramatic shift in wealth has started to take place. I'm super heavy into Ripple, Stellar and Bitcoin, and have small holdings in Ethereum and Tron. I'm also participating in and looking for some strong ICO's.