Mark Shust

Mark Shust

Certified Magento Developer, Architect & Teacher in Cleveland, Ohio

Hi there! My name is Mark, and this is my tiny little home on the internet.

I've been a computer programmer for roughly 20 years, and love my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. The focus of my career has revolved around PHP and eCommerce, and more specifically the Magento eCommerce framework.


Whenever I have fully grasped a concept or idea, my first inclination is to share what I have learned with others. The approach which makes the most sense to me is an online screencast course. My teaching style aims to first and foremost explain the why, while secondly explaining it in the most short and concise way possible.

All of the courses I have created can be viewed or purchased through my online school


Since 2009 I've written about various topics and concepts in internet programming, in hopes that what I've learned can be helpful to others.

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