Mark Shust

Mark Shust

Hey, I'm Mark! 👋

I’ve been following Magento since the early days (version 0.8?). Before Magento, I was an experienced PHP developer with a number of development agencies. Eventually, I learned enough to become a Zend Certified Engineer.

Once I started developing full time in Magento, around version 1.4, I quickly realized this framework was special, and wanted to learn everything about it. I flew out to Culver City and got trained at Magento Inc.’s headquarters, and the bug bit me.

On the flight home, I knew I’d be involved with Magento for a long time. I wanted to deliver exceptional work to my clients, so I learned everything I could. I created a number of Magento modules, gained experience as a solution architect, and even gave a speech at Magento Imagine in Las Vegas.

Years passed, and my passion has only grown since those early years, eventually becoming an Adobe Certified Magento Developer. I got quite involved with Docker in my early years of trying to setup Magento 2 on my Mac, which eventually became the most popular development environment for Magento 2.

As the repository grew in popularity, I became quite versed with building 12 Factor Apps with Docker, and even gave another speech at Meet Magento in New York.

As usage for the project grew, so did the number of questions I received about it. I decided to put together a collection of lessons to teach all of the concepts so you can easily set up a Magento 2 Development environment with Docker. This course became the first contribution to, a training resource I put together to teach everything I know about Magento to others.

Over the years my passion has changed from consultant to teacher. I’m obsessed with teaching others all of the special techniques & tricks I learned over all these years.

My wish is that you learn to love Magento as much as I do, and became a great developer or architect at that. I promise to do my best, and hope that one day you can let Magento kill you too.

Keep coding,
- Mark