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Mark Shust

Written by Mark Shust, a Certified Magento Developer & Architect in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Defining technical job titles & roles for web development agencies

It seems every workplace defines job titles within their company differently. I wanted to discuss how these job titles relate to the world…

Setup a Magento 2 Development Environment with Docker

It can be very difficult to get a Magento 2 development environment setup quickly & easily. Back in the middle of 2015, I was trying to…

Creating canonical URLs for specific pages with Gatsby

Gatsby has a simple plugin named which sets the base URL used for canonical URLs for your website. Canonical URLs are important, as they…

Real-Time SMS Order Notifications with Magento and Twilio

Managing your own storefront and competing with Amazon can be difficult, especially due to their ability to automate and process orders much…

Magic (Pass-Through) ViewModels for Magento 2

The current best practice for Magento 2.3 is to use ViewModels rather than Block classes. Jisse of Yireo wrote a great blog post about…

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