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Mark Shust

Written by Mark Shust, a Certified Magento Developer & Architect in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Create Git patches for third-party Magento modules

After updating Magento to 2.3.2, I noticed the builds failing for one of my projects in Magento Cloud after pushing code up for a deployment…

Apply a Magento 2 patch from a GitHub pull request

Recently a visitor to a Magento website reported an issue with checkout. After some research, it lead me to issue 22112 , which has a…

Defining technical job titles & roles for web development agencies

It seems every workplace defines job titles within their company differently. I wanted to discuss how these job titles relate to the world…

Setup a Magento 2 Development Environment with Docker

It can be very difficult to get a Magento 2 development environment setup quickly & easily. Back in the middle of 2015, I was trying to…

Creating canonical URLs for specific pages with Gatsby

Gatsby has a simple plugin named which sets the base URL used for canonical URLs for your website. Canonical URLs are important, as they…

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