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Mark Shust

Written by Mark Shust, a Certified Magento Developer & Architect in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Magic (Pass-Through) ViewModels for Magento 2

The current best practice for Magento 2.3 is to use ViewModels rather than Block classes. Jisse of Yireo wrote a great blog post about…

Create a product attribute data patch with Magento 2.3's declarative schema

I was refactoring one of my Magento 2 modules and noticed that the Magento 2.3 core modules use the declarative schema approach rather…

I'm an educator 👨‍🏫

I started freelance web development while I was in high school at the age of 15. A couple of years later, the guy I worked for urged me to…

Fix 5xx server validation errors in Google Search Console for Gatsby

Today I woke up to a new email sitting in my inbox saying “New Coverage issue detected for site : Clicking the “Fix…

Bypass CSRF form validation for Magento POST submissions

Magento implements CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) tokens on form POST submissions. This is designed to prevent unwanted actions from…

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