Mark Shust is a full stack developer focusing on PHP, Javascript, Docker, Laravel, Meteor, Node.js and bash/shell scripting. He has over 15 years of web development experience in the eCommerce, real estate, business-to-business, and information technology industries. Mark has specific expertise in database engineering and management, development processes, and client frontend development, and has taken projects through the development lifecycle from conceptualization through completion. Mark is a Zend Certified Engineer, a Magento Certified Developer Plus, and has a wide knowledge range of LAMP server management and Linux-based programming.

Mark is married to his wonderful wife Juliann, and they are the proud parents of twin girls Lily Ann and Brielle. Mark lives in Northest Ohio, and is a devout Cleveland Browns fan, loves eating Chipotle burritos, playing scrabble and solving Rubix cubes. Mark is a Nissan import expert, and owns, modifies & races a turbo 1995 Nissan 240SX. Mark loves geek-inspired technology, and enjoys living a simplistic lifestyle.

You can browse my egghead.io video tutorials, and read more about what I'm currently up to on my now page.