Getting colored diffs out of SVN (Subversion)

October 16, 2009   ·   1 min read  ·   Edit on GitHub

Here is a neat trick to get much better colored diffs out of subversion when you are in command line. Just add the following lines anywhere in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile file, and you will have nice colored diffs just like Git.

#colordiff function svndiff() {
    local SVN="`which svn`"
    # The colordiff utility ( is
    # needed for this enhancement to work
    # Thanks to Lukas Kahwe Smith for the addition to
    # leave out whitespace changes
    # Thanks to Robin Speekenbrink for the hint to the -R
    # switch of less, which should fix problems some of
    # you might have with colorization.
    ${SVN} diff "$@" --diff-cmd `which diff` -x "-u -w"|colordiff|less -R